Tired of Being Tired? “Cat Edition”

Having trouble with the “night ninja” keeping you up in the middle night? I have and sometimes have that problem still. I will provide a few tips on what I have done to help you sleep at night, and for “night ninja” to turn into “day ninja”. My babies were driving my husband and I wacko! They would sleep all day and party all night, what would wake us up is them knocking over stuff and using us as track hurdles in the bed. You could easily shut the door, but, mine know how to open doors. Plus, cats crying and pawing at the door during the night is just as bad. I researched over and over trying to figure out what to do differently to get them to sleep on our schedules or at least CALM down. I had a bunch of trials and errors but that happens! It’s life!

                The first thing I tried was to get them on an eating schedule. I would give them a small meal for breakfast and then the main course at night before we laid down. This helped for a few months, but it eventually wore off a little. I keep the schedule going till this day, but I started to incorporate playtime in the evening before their evening meal. I read that cats need the hunting stimulation and then food is their reward- playing into their natural instincts. This helped TREMENDOUSLY! One thing though, many nights I didn’t have time to play with them during the evening. It is hard to get into the habit of playing with them every night; eventually we ended up back where we first started… night ninjas…

                The next thing I tried is catnip! The effects of catnip last about 20 minutes, after that the effects don’t kick in again till an hour or two later. I have a room in our home that is their designated place- litter box, food, and toy chest. I use the dried catnip; you can also use the spray and spray their toys but make sure to follow the directions on the bottle since it will be concentrated. The package of catnip I have recommends rubbing it between your fingers to help release the scent, so it has more of an effect (made a HUGE difference). I sprinkle some in their room on the floor in the morning and afternoon then I roll some of their toys in it. They go nuts licking, trilling, and running around burning off some of their energy so they’re not so bad at night. I always make sure in the evenings to vacuum up the left-over catnip just in case! Just as a sweet note because we love our babies that has NOTHING to do with nighty night is another catnip trick! Put catnip in their treat bag and shake it. They seriously love the treats even more afterward!  If you try it, they will love you FURever!  You can also do this with the pet vitamins or some food they necessarily don’t like if you have a picky eater.

                Sometimes when all else fails whether you’ve tried calming collars, pheromone aromatics, or what I listed above, you can always reach out to your veterinarian for help. Sometimes there could be something wrong with your baby and you never would’ve known! They can give you more helpful tips than I, because they personally know your cat and their medical history. They can maybe give you something to help calm your cat during the night enough to get them on a schedule. You never know until you reach out! Interactive toys or puzzles and picking all toys up before bedtime is a plus!

Comment what you’ve tried and what has helped you, I would love to hear!

Brandi & the precious fur babies

Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com