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How to Stay Cool in the Summertime Heat!

Whether you are a construction worker, welder, or enjoying outdoor activities, it is extremely important to take care of yourself. It is best to ward off heat stroke or exhaustion before you even walk outdoors. You do not know how scary it is to experience these situations until it HAPPENS. These heat-related incidents can cause permanent damage!

So, what damage they may cause you to ask? Heatstroke can cause swelling and permanent damage to your vital organs such as: Heart, brain, kidneys, liver, and bowels. Heatstroke is serious and can lead to coma or death if left untreated. Symptoms of heatstroke are:

  • High body temperature.
  • Confusion, dizziness, slurred speech.
  • You have stopped sweating, but your skin is hot.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Rapid breathing.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Headache or head pressure.
  • Coma.
  • Seizures.
  • Reddening of your face and skin.

Heat exhaustion is similar to heat stroke, it will not cause life-threatening harm unless you allow it to turn into heatstroke. Do not be fooled though, heat exhaustion is still indeed serious. Do not waste your time trying to distinguish whether you are experiencing heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Heat exhaustion will cause the same symptoms besides serious effects such as coma, death, or organ damage. I will also note a good indication to tell if it is in fact heat exhaustion you will have excessive sweating.

What can you do to combat getting heatstroke or heat exhaustion? Be extremely cautious on hot and humid days. Humidity makes it a lot harder for the body to cool itself. This is due to sweat not being able to evaporate quickly and cool you like usual. Try not to be out in the sun in the peak heat hours, if you cannot avoid it, wear sunscreen. Getting a sunburn makes it harder for the body to cool down!  If you are in a building without air conditioning, try to open a few windows to allow air to circulate. My husband invested in a fan for work and keeps it near!

You should wear loose and light-colored clothing. This will help you stay cool as you work or do outdoor activities. We had bought my husband “cooling towels” and bandanas on Amazon. He uses them every day and it helps him so much!

Take frequent breaks (in the shade at least) and drink plenty of water or opt for an electrolyte drink occasionally. According to the CDC, you should drink 8 ounces every 20 minutes or three-fourths of 1 quart every hour. If you have a snack break opt for something nutritious or salty…like a pickle! Avoid foods high in sugar, it can cause your blood sugar to spike and then dramatically fall, thus, contributing to feeling ill.

Try to incorporate a multivitamin into the mix. The more balanced you are the better you are going to handle situations! Being deficit in vitamins can cause a variety of illnesses.  Have you revised your medical history lately? Doing so can help you learn if any illnesses you have or medications you take can cause heat sensitivity. Talk to your doctor for the best advice for you!
Comment what has helped you combat the heat! I would love to hear from you!


Bullying Story, Help, and Awareness.

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I have been bullied ever since I was in first grade. I was always picked on for having severe asthma. I was a poor and an overweight child; that made it even worse. I always kept quiet and to myself; I turned to books so I didn’t have to look or socialize with anyone. The books didn’t hurt me. I loved school but I hated going to school with those people. I attended a 60% Black, 25% Spanish, and 15% White school. The racial tension was high.

Physical Education… I was terrified of, that’s when I was opened to bullying the most. Children act like PE is the world and creates your social status, and there I was, having to sit out a lot. The sad thing is, the social status created by PE is even in college. You get put on a pedestal and free ride through college for throwing, kicking, or catching a ball good? Why can’t I get free college because I can read a 300 paged book in one day at age 10? I was out writing high school kids; by junior high, I was out writing college students according to my homeschool professors. Shouldn’t amazing academic skills aid free academics for people? 

I was even bullied on the bus when I was going home. I was bullied a lot for being white and I don’t remember a day where my hair wasn’t being pulled. I was called a bitch, cracker, fat ass, ugly, stupid, white trash, and the list goes on. They would make vulgar sexual comments towards me. They would steal stuff out of my lunchbox or take my school supplies. They would stick gum in my hair on purpose and laugh. Racial bullying was very bad on the bus because there were no teachers. I was told “White bitches don’t belong here” by second-grader and at the time I was in fifth grade. I couldn’t understand why everyone hated me so much. I never talked and I hardly ever looked up from the ground, how does that make me the biggest target?

I want to tell you about two incidents that occurred in junior high and then I’m done with my story (though this isn’t even half of it). All at the same time, I had grandparents die 2008, 2009, and in 2010. A boy in 2009 claimed his mother worked at the nursing home my grandmother was getting care at. She fell very ill after her husband passed in 2008. The boy made it a point to come and tell me they watched my grandmother die. He told me she was sitting up when she died, fell face first, and cracked her skull open. He went into detail that blood was everywhere. This TRAUMATIZED the living FUCK out of me and still does to this day. I know it’s not true but this being put into my head was terrible. It made me harm myself because I was in so much pain. This has left emotional and physical scars.

The next incident happened when I finally went into homeschooling because of bullying and medical issues. I was talking to a boy that used to be a girls boyfriend in my grade. I used to be friends with her many years ago. The boy and I talked over Facebook and decided to go to formal together. Well, she found out I was going to formal with him. I didn’t know he was screenshotting and sending our conversations to her. I never said anything bad of her; I was just happy I had a guy like me and that never happened before. She made multiple Facebook statuses about me, but, the one that always haunted me was “I hope her bitch ass dies from her medical problems because no one will be at her funeral and cry.” A few weeks later was formal, the boy ignored me and we sat in one spot the whole time. That’s when I realized he was using me to make her mad. That same night she started a rumor saying I got into a car full of guys and went to a hotel to have sex with them. In reality, I got into my mom’s truck with my brothers and one of their fiancees. When the rumor reached my father he believed it, he wouldn’t talk to me. He looked at me like I was a filthy slut that needed to perish. I never slept with anyone till I met my husband…he is the only man. I cried and cried, then a few days later I found myself in the bathroom holding onto a pistol ready to kill myself. I couldn’t do it because I didn’t want to hurt my mother. I’m glad I didn’t because I love my life now!

(All instances that happened were reported. My mom was a teacher and the school or parents still didn’t do SHIT!)

I wanted to share a little bit so you can understand that I know what it’s like. I been there and still live these horrible deeds that were done to me! I can vouch for the truth about many things about bullying and the effects. It causes mental and emotional health problems. It can cause depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and aid drug use. Victims are more likely to use drugs, tobacco, and alcohol than those who weren’t bullied. Cognitive deficits are possible in those who are bullied. All victims know is stress and it can lower the immune system and cause health problems. Have you been told, “being bullied builds your character, just ignore it.”? This is a BS myth, it HARMS your character, mind, and future!  Now that social media exists, it is a major catalyst for cyberbullying with no strings attached. I have always thought social media was terrible and look at what it has done to this world. Why expose your children to it now? From my experience and brainstorming, what you could do to help your child is:

  1. Report to the school and authorities so it is on file. Make a diary of the reports so you have proof. Look into bullying policies and laws of your area.
  2. Know the signs and symptoms of bullying, be very aware of your child.
  3. Monitor your children’s social media and check the privacy settings. Do not become a helicopter parent. You will scare them.
  4. If you own guns (which guns are not bad, they don’t walk around and kill people… I’m pro-gun, I do competitions) make sure they’re locked in a safe if you suspect your child is depressed.
  5.  Reach out to life coaches or therapists, they do help a lot. You should be able to contact your child’s pediatrician then they’ll guide you.
  6. Get into your children’s shoes and understand your child. Make sure they know they can always talk to you without judgment.
  7. Let them know they’re loved every day. We are all busy and forget to tell the important people in our lives.
  8. Listen.
  9. If the school fails you, get into contact with the bully’s parents.
  10. If possible, teach your child the buddy system.


I hope you feel like you can reach out to me for further assistance. Post “Help” in the comments and I will get back to you. I am providing creditable sites because I know it can be difficult to approach bullying as a parent.

Bullying effects:

Help and Services:

I hope you found this passage informal on such a sensitive and painful subject.


Tired of Being Tired? “Cat Edition”

Having trouble with the “night ninja” keeping you up in the middle night? I have and sometimes have that problem still. I will provide a few tips on what I have done to help you sleep at night, and for “night ninja” to turn into “day ninja”. My babies were driving my husband and I wacko! They would sleep all day and party all night, what would wake us up is them knocking over stuff and using us as track hurdles in the bed. You could easily shut the door, but, mine know how to open doors. Plus, cats crying and pawing at the door during the night is just as bad. I researched over and over trying to figure out what to do differently to get them to sleep on our schedules or at least CALM down. I had a bunch of trials and errors but that happens! It’s life!

                The first thing I tried was to get them on an eating schedule. I would give them a small meal for breakfast and then the main course at night before we laid down. This helped for a few months, but it eventually wore off a little. I keep the schedule going till this day, but I started to incorporate playtime in the evening before their evening meal. I read that cats need the hunting stimulation and then food is their reward- playing into their natural instincts. This helped TREMENDOUSLY! One thing though, many nights I didn’t have time to play with them during the evening. It is hard to get into the habit of playing with them every night; eventually we ended up back where we first started… night ninjas…

                The next thing I tried is catnip! The effects of catnip last about 20 minutes, after that the effects don’t kick in again till an hour or two later. I have a room in our home that is their designated place- litter box, food, and toy chest. I use the dried catnip; you can also use the spray and spray their toys but make sure to follow the directions on the bottle since it will be concentrated. The package of catnip I have recommends rubbing it between your fingers to help release the scent, so it has more of an effect (made a HUGE difference). I sprinkle some in their room on the floor in the morning and afternoon then I roll some of their toys in it. They go nuts licking, trilling, and running around burning off some of their energy so they’re not so bad at night. I always make sure in the evenings to vacuum up the left-over catnip just in case! Just as a sweet note because we love our babies that has NOTHING to do with nighty night is another catnip trick! Put catnip in their treat bag and shake it. They seriously love the treats even more afterward!  If you try it, they will love you FURever!  You can also do this with the pet vitamins or some food they necessarily don’t like if you have a picky eater.

                Sometimes when all else fails whether you’ve tried calming collars, pheromone aromatics, or what I listed above, you can always reach out to your veterinarian for help. Sometimes there could be something wrong with your baby and you never would’ve known! They can give you more helpful tips than I, because they personally know your cat and their medical history. They can maybe give you something to help calm your cat during the night enough to get them on a schedule. You never know until you reach out! Interactive toys or puzzles and picking all toys up before bedtime is a plus!

Comment what you’ve tried and what has helped you, I would love to hear!

Brandi & the precious fur babies

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Storming this Evening

Tap, tap, tap, rain on the tin roof

Boom, crash, boom, now the thunders’ debut

I sip my tea and watch the steam rise

I’m waiting for it to calm so I can rest my eyes

I’m scared due to childhood instances

Such pain, I cannot put into sentences

I take a deep breath and look at the time

Gosh, it feels like sleep is wrapping around me like vines

The rumble quiets and the rain quits

Lovely, now am I able to sleep a bit?

I’m so tired right now! Hope you enjoy this poem!

Love, Brandi

I am Debating..


I am debating on whether to become an online personal trainer. It would help my husband out a lot on our finances so we won’t be so poor. I have been in love with fitness since 13 years old. It is kind of a dream to run a training business and blog!

But I am terrified of failing… how do I even start? What if I can’t get clients? How do I even start a business in general and pick a name? What if I put us in debt? I feel young and dumb.. but also full of potential. My worst asset is fear. How do I overcome it?

If I trial out a website and programs, will you support me? Will you help me overcome fear?



Back After a Long Hiatus

Hello fellow bloggers!

I was dormant with writing since my last post in October. Many things had happened that made me drop the pin and focus on life getting back on track. I really missed y’all!

My husband and I were spending every day working on our truck replacing injectors and trying to get her running again. We ran into a lot of issues due to previous owners not doing things right. When she was all buttoned up and ready to go she ran amazing! A rainy day in November shorted our PCM (the trucks brain) and now she is back to running funky. She will randomly stall, no tach or speedometer, lock the doors, bellow smoke like a freight train, and no more glow plug light on dash. She is being such a bitch, but, she’s our bitch and we love her. We are still waiting for the PCM to come in.

Guess what? I fried my writing laptop by spilling my husbands glass of water on it. I don’t have money for a new laptop. To add onto the stress, my husbands speaker for work got stolen and we are still paying it off on our credit card..

The other instance that had me dormant was my mother catching COVID-19. I stayed up most nights so she had someone to talk to when she didn’t feel good. I was really scared for her but I knew she was going to be fine. My mother is a school teacher so she practically wallows in COVID all day. She got better about 2 weeks ago and went back to work. Now..she has bronchitis.. she was so upset she wouldn’t get to see her students before Christmas break.

My husbands father went off the deep in with mental illness and hates his only son. He awkwardly loves his daughters if you catch my drift. (I’m not proofreading today)

Mood for the past 3 months

What is Your Favorite Season?

What is your favorite season? My favorite season is Autumn. It is so beautiful and full of colors, pumpkins, and hayrides. You can sit outside with the family in the morning and drink coffee as you watch the leaves fall and birds sing. It is such a beautiful season that preps many creatures and plants for winter!

Autumn gives me such a serene feeling in my soul. I love the renaissance festival my husband and I attend every year, it is amazing! Autumn holds my favorite holiday, which of course is Halloween! I love Jack o lanterns, black cats, haunted houses, and dressing up! Autumn also holds one of the most forgotten ones as well- Thanksgiving. We celebrate it every year even if it’s just the two of us. Whether we are eating turkey or stew. It deserves the recognition, it was a time when people came together, which is needing to happen in the current times. Many being could learn a lesson from this holiday.

Definitely me when I hear Halloween!

Autumn brings wonderful candles and scents to the shelves. My favorite candle is pumpkin spice, it is a beautiful reminder autumn is here! I love walking down the fall inspired isles. I buy everything in my head because I know better when I have little hellions- fur babies. I usually break out my fuzzy socks and robes at this time. The fur babies get excited with my robes and it usually turns out the be theirs to lay on; I just get the socks. They are so cute when they’re sleeping though!

I begin to think of what chili’s, soups, and stews to prepare this season. My husband is in love with an broth based dish. Every year I prepare a healthier version of last years stews. The healthier I make it, the more my husband loves it! The fur babies love the fresh chicken broth poured onto their kibble when I make soup. Autumn makes meals easy for us!

My stomach is growling!

What are you favorite things, holidays, or things to do in your favorite season? Do you have favorite meals or drinks that correspond with the season? I would love to hear it!

Love, Brandi