I am Debating..


I am debating on whether to become an online personal trainer. It would help my husband out a lot on our finances so we won’t be so poor. I have been in love with fitness since 13 years old. It is kind of a dream to run a training business and blog!

But I am terrified of failing… how do I even start? What if I can’t get clients? How do I even start a business in general and pick a name? What if I put us in debt? I feel young and dumb.. but also full of potential. My worst asset is fear. How do I overcome it?

If I trial out a website and programs, will you support me? Will you help me overcome fear?



8 thoughts on “I am Debating..”

  1. It sounds like a really good idea, but if you are starting from scratch, starting a business and getting clients are very real fears to be concerned about. I would suggest looking for a position with an established company to workout how to workout with clients online. And then workout a business plan from that experience. We have a couple of personal trainers who work for our company in regular positions and they say the online market for fitness and personal trainers is really hard and very competitive.

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  2. Maybe start off small. Offering some classes via zoom or social media and once you have a good amount of clients that are loyal work your way up. There are 2 big ones here where I live. One I attend sometimes but not virtually. Feel it out. You never know unless you try! You can do it!

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  3. I… Don’t know much about the process. I’m sure there’s a few online courses you can find and get certified with!!
    Other than that, advertising online, starting a website and word-of-mouth may help you get clients.
    This is all I’ve got to offer. Other than this, all I can say is. YOU GO GIRL!!

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  4. You have an energetic spirit and you like to help people, so those are two great qualifications!

    Found this title at Amazon: Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career

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