Back After a Long Hiatus

Hello fellow bloggers!

I was dormant with writing since my last post in October. Many things had happened that made me drop the pin and focus on life getting back on track. I really missed y’all!

My husband and I were spending every day working on our truck replacing injectors and trying to get her running again. We ran into a lot of issues due to previous owners not doing things right. When she was all buttoned up and ready to go she ran amazing! A rainy day in November shorted our PCM (the trucks brain) and now she is back to running funky. She will randomly stall, no tach or speedometer, lock the doors, bellow smoke like a freight train, and no more glow plug light on dash. She is being such a bitch, but, she’s our bitch and we love her. We are still waiting for the PCM to come in.

Guess what? I fried my writing laptop by spilling my husbands glass of water on it. I don’t have money for a new laptop. To add onto the stress, my husbands speaker for work got stolen and we are still paying it off on our credit card..

The other instance that had me dormant was my mother catching COVID-19. I stayed up most nights so she had someone to talk to when she didn’t feel good. I was really scared for her but I knew she was going to be fine. My mother is a school teacher so she practically wallows in COVID all day. She got better about 2 weeks ago and went back to work. Now..she has bronchitis.. she was so upset she wouldn’t get to see her students before Christmas break.

My husbands father went off the deep in with mental illness and hates his only son. He awkwardly loves his daughters if you catch my drift. (I’m not proofreading today)

Mood for the past 3 months

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