What is Your Favorite Season?

What is your favorite season? My favorite season is Autumn. It is so beautiful and full of colors, pumpkins, and hayrides. You can sit outside with the family in the morning and drink coffee as you watch the leaves fall and birds sing. It is such a beautiful season that preps many creatures and plants for winter!

Autumn gives me such a serene feeling in my soul. I love the renaissance festival my husband and I attend every year, it is amazing! Autumn holds my favorite holiday, which of course is Halloween! I love Jack o lanterns, black cats, haunted houses, and dressing up! Autumn also holds one of the most forgotten ones as well- Thanksgiving. We celebrate it every year even if it’s just the two of us. Whether we are eating turkey or stew. It deserves the recognition, it was a time when people came together, which is needing to happen in the current times. Many being could learn a lesson from this holiday.

Definitely me when I hear Halloween!

Autumn brings wonderful candles and scents to the shelves. My favorite candle is pumpkin spice, it is a beautiful reminder autumn is here! I love walking down the fall inspired isles. I buy everything in my head because I know better when I have little hellions- fur babies. I usually break out my fuzzy socks and robes at this time. The fur babies get excited with my robes and it usually turns out the be theirs to lay on; I just get the socks. They are so cute when they’re sleeping though!

I begin to think of what chili’s, soups, and stews to prepare this season. My husband is in love with an broth based dish. Every year I prepare a healthier version of last years stews. The healthier I make it, the more my husband loves it! The fur babies love the fresh chicken broth poured onto their kibble when I make soup. Autumn makes meals easy for us!

My stomach is growling!

What are you favorite things, holidays, or things to do in your favorite season? Do you have favorite meals or drinks that correspond with the season? I would love to hear it!

Love, Brandi

61 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Season?”

  1. Climate doesn’t matter…
    Christmas season is the best ever season….
    Trees lighted with greenish bulbs…..
    🎅 With his gifts…
    Jingle bells ringing…….
    Every shops been lighted
    Fascinating Christmas 🌟 stars

    No matter what’s the climate that’s the best season

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      1. Oh Nooo..😢

        You have too one day! That is mandatory that you do so one day! Lol..Maybe your favorite season of Autumn would change to winter after you actually witness your very first snow ❄

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  2. we don’t have seasons in Mumbai- it’s more of SUMMER followed by a not-so-hot-summer followed by 4 months of the sky pissing followed by another SUMMER followed by a pathetic excuse for winter (between 20-25 degrees celsius). so i’ll say, i just scrape by. no favorite as such.

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      1. Well, you know growing up in Cuba is like Christmas doesn’t exist, and so when I came to this country and experience all the joy of Christmas, I love it and so when I had my kids I decided to make it special for them as well!!! That’s why it’s been a tradition for 23 years now to have a special Christmas to compensate all those years that I didn’t have a special Christmas to myself.

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