Welcome Readers!

This is my first blog entry ever. I am scared and excited about this new journey! Who am I you might ask yourself? My delivery may be a little off, but I’m quite nervous!

I am a homemaker with 5 children (furry children) and I’m a January baby because Capricorns’ are awesome! In the past, I have had a VERY rocky life. I have fought with anxiety, depression, autoimmune diseases (Raynauds Phenomenon, Hashimoto’s, etc..), and a drunken father all my life. I used to not take it well at all but since I have aged and met my husband, I have blossomed into a kick ass lady! My husband has changed me for the better and I am grateful to have him. I am not so shy and let people kick me around anymore! He pushes me to do what I love so here I am, writing a blog for you to read. We have been together since I was 16 and now, I am 22. We will be celebrating our 6-year anniversary September 24, 2020. I would like to know who else shares the same anniversary!

But on a serious note, I always have wanted to write blogs and articles but never knew where or even how to start. I have written since the age of 8. I made a children’s book about cats out of construction paper, markers, and ribbon. My mother was amazed by my writing skills; at the time I was having trouble with handwriting in general, it saddened me most the time. She told me to keep writing and that I could be an author one day. That is all I needed to hear from then on! I’ve written everything I have ever thought about.

As a 4th grade little girl, my mother gave one of my writing test essays to her student teacher- she was doing an internship to become a teacher herself. Her mentor said she had never seen such fantastic writing and even spelling from an elementary student like that and she taught 8th graders! I was shy and didn’t say much, but hearing her gave me even more of a drive to write! Through junior high, I was even to the side and asked if I was copying or plagiarizing for essay because my writing was so advanced for my age. I said “No, I would never do that. I just follow my heart and emotions; I just really love writing.” In high school I was home schooled due to such bad bullying and health problems that had risen in junior high and became worse. My schooling was through Texas Tech University and it was way harder than public school- curriculum and motivation wise. My favorite part was ALWAYS the essays, of course! My teacher, who was a COLLEGE PROFESSOR said my writing was more outstanding than anything they have seen with their students and were talking college students! I was so excited and as I type this now, I still get the same shock I did then. Well, long story short….

I love writing!

            I hope you join and support me on my journey to discover who I am meant to be! I really hope this gives you the courage to write and not be afraid! Writing essays, short stories, or biographies is fantastic for the mind and soul. It has been perfect for me as it may sound or seem, and I will share my struggles and battles with you along the way!

Much love,

7 thoughts on “Welcome Readers!”

  1. Thanks Brandi for dropping by my blog. I was wondering if your pic is at http://en.gravatar.com/bloggingboehme or do you write anonymously? I have a weird desire to see the connection of the words and their author’s face, if not their actual names or other private stuff.

    Re writing, I can see your potential and I was wondering why have you not started to write fiction or non-fiction already?

    Best of luck 🙂

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      1. If that is you in the photo, then you should seriously consider modeling cause you are beautiful as hell.

        Secondly, start publishing your short stories on here at your blog and then promote it on different writers forums on social media. The more you market yourself, the more attention of the publishers you will get. https://www.createspace.com by Amazon also offers a self-publishing free tool which allows you to feature your book(s) on world’s largest book sales platform.

        And lastly, try to read your own words via audio podcasts or YouTube videos.

        Hope this helps 🙂

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